How to use a Penis Pump

Penis Pumps How To Guide

Whether you're pumping for penis enlargement, using a pump to get a hard on, or for erectile dysfunction, or simply pumping for pleasure (using as a male masturbation device), it’s pretty much the same.

Simply put your penis into the pump’s cylinder and press the base of it firmly against your body to create an airtight suction seal. Squeezing the bulb or hand piece on the pump creates an increase in pressure inside the cylinder, causing increased blood flow to the penis.


Put a good amount of lube all around and in the rubber or latex sealing ring (do not use oiled based lubes, use only waterbased lubrications) on the opening of the penis pump tube. You may also choose to apply a bunch of that lube all over your penis as well, as that may help with insertion of the penis into the tube, especially if your cock is not hard.

Push your dick through the ring and into the tube until the mouth of the tube is firmly up against your body. Now begin pumping just a little bit at a time. Take it slowly at first. Very slowly. Over-pumping can cause serious problems. You can rupture veins and bruise the penis shaft as well as inflict permanent damage. You should always be careful and know your own limits. Read more about penis pump safety on this page.

With the seal on the tube tightly against your body, continue pumping until your cock is firmly erect. Now stop for a moment and check things out; Does this amount of pressure feel comfortable? Is there any unusual discoloration or veins that look on the verge of exploding? If all seems well, pump a little more and hold, asking yourself the same questions each time you stop. If you feel uncomfortable at any point, open the air valve and release the pressure. You can always pump back up again any time you're ready.

We recommend keeping your active pump time to under twenty minutes. We know you want that massive cock now, and penis pumps can produce some impressive short term results, but size isn't going to matter at all if you permanently damage your dick. You could wind up in the emergency room with a ruptured cock, or worse yet, you may become unable to get a normal erection.

There is no reason penis pumping should hurt. If you experience pain, stop pumping immediately and consult a physician before continuing.

If you are pumping for penis enlargement
Maintain a regular pumping routine for about six months if you want to see penis enlargement results.

  • You have to keep a regular routine going after that if you want those results to be permanent. It's really no different than any other type of regular exercise program.
  • Men who report the most success use pumping sessions (about 30 minutes each) three to four times a week, allowing recovery time between sessions.
  • You will gain a great deal more in girth than you will in length. If you've always wanted a chubby, then regular pumping may just be the thing for you.

Penis pumps can also be an enjoyable masturbator.
By regulating the suction, you can pump yourself into blowing a pretty good load. This is probably the main reason most men pump. What guy doesn't enjoy having the cum sucked out of him?

Be sure to read and follow all operating and safety instructions that come with your penis pump.

About Penis Pumps

Penis pumps were originally developed to help men with erectile dysfunction, to get a “hard on”. Today with Viagra, Levitra, and other drugs, penis pumps are used more for play as a male masturbation device, or to help get a harder erection without drugs.

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Using a penis pump may be a good option for you if erectile dysfunction medications don't work and penile implant surgery isn't a good choice. A penis pump may also help you maintain penis size and regain sexual function following prostate surgery.
  • Less chance of problems. The risk of side effects or complications is the lowest of any erectile dysfunction treatment.
  • Cost. After the initial purchase, using a penis pump costs less than any other type of erectile dysfunction treatment.
  • Penis pumps are noninvasive. Penis pumps don't require surgery, injections or inserting medication into the tip of your penis.

The basic engineering of a penis pump is simple. A tube to house the penis is attached by a hose to a vacuum penis pumping device that sucks the air out of the tube. A lip around the base of the tube makes a tight-fitting seal with the cock. As the air is pumped out of the tube by the vacuum pump, it pulls the penis further into the tube and increases blood flow.

Keep in mind that over pumping be dangerous. In some cases, the pumped up tissues can take a week or more to return to normal. Any extreme or prolonged pumping can result in permanent damage to blood vessels in the penis and the penile tissues.

These four basic types of penis pumps.

  1. The Squeeze Ball
    The squeeze ball appears to be the most common type of pump and the most widely used. A rubber squeeze ball, such as that used to pump up a blood pressure cuff in the doctor's office, is attached to an air valve, then to a hose which attaches to the tube. With the air valve closed, the ball is squeezed and air is removed from the tube creating a vacuum. The more times you squeeze, the stronger the suction becomes. To release the pressure, simply open the air valve
  2. The Plunger
    This works a lot like a bicycle tire pump.
  3. Hand Grip / Trigger squeeze
     Considered by many to be the best for penis pumping, the grip type pump is quite popular with those who have tried more than one. Hand grip penis pumps are said to be better at regulating pressure.
  4. Electric / Automatic
    Electric pumps offer all the bells and whistles any serious pumper could want. Aside from fully regulated suction and various settings, they offer a more or less hands-free pumping experience.

There are many methods to add to your sexual excitement, using one of these methods, or something that works specifically for you, will increase the speed of gaining a full erection.

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